Cafe Italia - Lamb Chops Fort Lauderdale

There was no leg of lamb prepared when we visited, so we took solace in the four gorgeous seared lamb chops Lapi recommended instead. Bathed in oil and garlic, the meat was nearly soft enough to cut with a fork. Chicken Marsala brought a plateful of boneless breasts with plenty of mushrooms in a sauce edging to the sweet and oily side, but the flavors were terrific.

The ossobuco aficionado at our table thought was reasonable for the quality and quantity of tender veal slow-cooked in tomato sauce with celery, onions, carrots and red wine — and so did everyone who sampled it.

Visit Cafe Italia for Italian Lamb Chops with Green Beans

Cafe Italia Ristorante on Federal Highway continues to be a family gem for authentic Italian cooking. The owner is always present with a gracious smile greeting people.

The food is home cooked pleasure pleasing. The menu has a good variety and the portion size is adequate.

There seem to be changes over the past year which from memory would say there used to be a side or small salad that came with the entrée but not now as everything is a la carte. The bar is limited to wine and beer only.

My favorite item on the menu is the lemon sorbet — a wonderful palate finish to a good meal.