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Build Muscles

Packed with Vitamin A and C, arborio rice will give you about 12% of your daily dose of vitamins. Its Vitamin C content helps protect your teeth and bones. What’s more, a cup full of arborio rice, fulfills about 45% of your daily requirement of essential nutrients.

Risotto Porcini

tasty arborio rice slowly cooked with white wine & fragrant porcini mushrooms or asparagus

A one cup of arborio or risotto rice contains about 100 to 110 grams of carbohydrates, the perfect amount to help you build muscles and stay healthy.

Cafe Italia serves various risotto dishes, Risotto Porcini, Risotto Asparagus.

Arborio Rice

The simple carbs in refined Arborio rice do have fewer vitamins and minerals than whole grains, but they provide quick energy for the body when converted into glucose. Plus, seafood risotto has healthy omega-3 fatty acids, which can reduce inflammation and improve cardiovascular health.