Cafe Italia Fort Lauderdale Italian Restaurant

I would like to thank you for a great evening experience at Cafe Italia Fort Lauderdale Italian Restaurant.

Me and my friend have visited many restaurants in Fort Lauderdale and Miami, tri-county area restaurants and bars, cafes and much more. I always like to visit different restaurants, to taste their gourmet food, cuisine, especially Italian is my favorite.

We walked by a small restaurant one day as we were going to the beach and grabbed a menu, so that we could return for some dinner on the way back.

It was excellent! The service was great and friendly people all around, the food was cooked with passion and this small romantic dinner date restaurant in fort lauderdale, was trendy, relaxed, kick-back kinda feel.

The music they played was Italian lyrics and older Italian songs, like Mina and Eros, which went really good with the decor of the restaurant and the fine Italian cuisine.

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