Best Pasta Carbonara Fort Lauderdale

“On a dark overcast day, I was on my way to the Fort Lauderdale International Airport, when I spotted a small ‘hole in the wall’ type restaurant as I was sitting in traffic.

Spaghetti Carbonara

spaghetti with crispy pancetta, egg yolk, generous parmigiano & black pepper

I thought to my self, I might as well pull in since I am close to the entrance to satisfy my craving for food.

Soon I realized it was a cozy atmosphere with friendly people. I told them about my small trip to England regarding my work as a computer tech and business owner of dedicated server hosting company, and I thought to myself thought nobody would ever reproduce what I’ve eaten in Italy.

The best Carbonara in Fort Lauderdale!

Best Pasta Carbonara Fort Lauderdale. Cafe Italia Authentic Italian Restaurant. Not Pictured Here.

I was wrong, as soon as I brought the fork up to my mouth I tasted the flavor which had brought me back memories of when I was in Italy. As far as I was concerned, I was in Italy for a day!”

The best spaghetti carbonara in Fort Lauderdale!

Albert James, President and CEO
Synchronized Dynamics, Inc.